Topic outline

  • Online learning for skills and research methods

    Welcome to the SAGE Campus demo hub where you can take a free module from each online course on our learning platform.  
    Whether you're looking to learn yourself or are interested in using our courses to upskill students, staff or researchers, get started with our demo modules to experience our learning style; self-paced and instructor-led, comprising an engaging mix of SAGE-quality content, video, interactives, and formative assessments. 

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    If you enjoy the demo modules and want access to the full courses, your institution can get a 30 day free trial to SAGE Campus. Free trials are set up to via your institution's library, so if you are librarian you can request a free trial or if you're a faculty member you can recommend a free trial to your library via this form

    • Demo our online courses

      There are currently 200+ hours of online courses on the SAGE Campus platform, with 25+ new hours launching in January and more later in 2021. Our content pathway covers critical skills and research methods that can be applied across the lifespan of study; from undergraduates looking to critically assess information to researchers looking to report and publish their data. Subscribe to our blog for updates on what's coming next.

      Take the demo modules for each of our courses below and download the full syllabi to find out more. 

    • Platform features

      Institutions can subscribe for institution-wide authenticated access to all content on SAGE Campus. Our user-friendly platform makes it simple for faculty to assign courses to cohorts or for students and researchers to learn autonomously - building practical skills for study, research and the workplace. Find out about the special platform features for our Learner, Cohort Administrator and Institutional Administrator roles on the platform below.

    • Use cases

      Students, researchers and faculty can use SAGE Campus to learn in various different ways. Below are the main use cases of how institutions benefit most from SAGE Campus.

      • Promote autonomous learning for students, researchers and faculty to keep up with the latest research methods and skills.
      • Increase the employ-ability of students by equipping them with career-ready skills for both industry and research.
      • Set as prerequisites or preparatory material so students arrive on the first day of class with the same foundational knowledge.
      • Supplement curriculum by using our courses in an asynchronous or flipped classroom approach to teaching.
      • Expand face to face training and make it accessible for off campus or remote students.
      • Connect theory to practice by using limited face to face teaching hours for theory and our courses' activities for practice.

      • Recommend SAGE Campus to your institution

        If you enjoyed the demo modules and want access to the full courses, your institution can get a 30 day free trial to SAGE Campus. Free trials are set up to via your institution's library, so recommend us to your library to request a trial. 

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