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  • Welcome to How to Get Published

    If you have something new to contribute to the academic community, publishing in a journal is a way to ensure this reaches the community and your research is taken seriously. Publishing in a well-respected journal provides a stamp of quality. This short course guides you through some of the most important considerations when preparing and submitting your paper for publication.

    By the end of this course you will:

    • Be able to select the most appropriate journal for your research
    • Understand how to successfully prepare your paper for submission
    • Have confidence to navigate the peer review process
    • Know what to expect from the publishing journey, from submission to publication

    Some important information before you begin: 

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    • Topics are launched from the green buttons in the sections below. Each topic will open in a new window so ensure you have pop-ups enabled before you begin. Simply close the window when you have completed the topic and you'll be redirected back to this page
    • The course should take you between one and three hours to complete 

    • Choosing a Journal

      In this topic we will cover:

      • Where to start when choosing a journal

      • Factors to consider before final selection 

      • High- vs low-risk submissions

    • Preparing Your Paper for Submission

      In this topic we will cover:

      • How to prepare a manuscript for submission

      • Copyright and publication ethics considerations

      • Correctly listing the authors of a paper

      • Considering a preprint submission 

      • How to submit a paper to a journal

    • The Publication Process

      In this topic we will cover:

      • The initial decision after an article is submitted

      • What happens when a paper is sent for peer review

      • How to handle revisions or rejection decisions

      • The production process for accepted papers

    • SAGE Resources

      If you’re interested in publishing in a SAGE journal, here you'll find some useful resources that might help you throughout your author journey.

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