Topic outline

  • Course Overview

    This course provides a clear understanding of the most popular online search strategies, including Boolean Logic. It’ll help you to decide which is the best search strategy to fit your needs, and gives lots of practical examples for carrying out a search using the most common approaches and tools.  

    Learning Outcomes

    This course will help you to: 

    1. Recognize the benefits of an online search strategy  
    2. Understand the most popular types of searches, and the benefits/limitations of each (including Boolean) 
    3. Apply search strategies in response to specific assignments/ research questions 
    4. Search online repositories including Google Scholar 
    5. Recognize when search results are relevant and useful 
    6. Keep effective records of search results 

    • Course Author: Dr. Eric Addae-Kyeremeh

      • Dr. Eric Addae-Kyeremeh

        Dr. Eric Addae-Kyeremeh is the Head of School in the School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport at Open University. Eric has over 20 years of professional experience that involves teaching, research, consultancy and public engagement. He was admitted into Fellowship by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT in 2012 for demonstrating leadership, eminence and authority in the area of educational technologies. In recognition of his expertise, significant impact and contribution to leadership and management in education and training, he was awarded Chartered Fellowship by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in the same year. Prior to joining the Open University in 2011, Eric worked in the Further Education (FE) sector in England from 2000-2010, firstly as a lecturer in Computing and ICT and then in a range of leadership and management positions. During his career in FE, he led and managed a number of subject areas, including Science and Mathematics; Information and Communication Technology; and Business.

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      • Module One: What Is a Search Strategy?

        This module will help you to: 

        1. Recognize the benefits of using online search      
        2. Establish the importance of developing a search strategy before starting your essay or assignment    
        3. Avoid some of the pitfalls in searching for online sources   
      • Module Two: Boolean Logic Searches

        This module will help you to: 

        1. Determine appropriate keywords for a search on a given topic, including synonyms   
        2. Adapt your use of keywords to improve your search     
        3. Plan and carry out a basic search in a database  
      • Module Three: Searching Online Repositories

        This module will help you to: 

        1. Apply search strategies to find information from online repositories    
        2. Use Google Scholar to find information for your studies or assignment   
        3. Search other websites and repositories for materials and digital assets licensed under Creative Commons   
      • Module Four: Managing and Analyzing Search Results

        This module will help you to: 

        1. Quickly decide which of the materials you have retrieved are most relevant for your topic    
        2. Keep a record of what you read and intend to read in an efficient way   
        3. Use online tools to keep up to date with information in your subject or interest area